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How to Apply

To be eligible for support from the LEADER programme, your project must contribute to one or more of the activities and targets set out in the Rural Perth and Kinross LEADER Programme Local Development Strategy and the Business Plan found at the bottom of this page.

Take a look at some of our currently funded projects for inspiration.

The LEADER application process has two key stages,  both must be completed before being submitted to the Local Action Group for consideration:

Expression of interest

Expression of Interest

The submission of an EoI is the first step in applying for LEADER funding.  It is your opportunity to present your initial ideas/needs to the Rural Perth & Kinross LEADER Team and the relevant Local Action Group subgroup.

At this stage, there is no requirement for a full project plan to be in place.

The EoI is submitted through the Scottish Rural Network . You must answer all the questions on the form (within the required fields). Once you have completed all the relevant sections you can submit it.  Your form will be sent direct to the Rural Perth & Kinross LEADER Team who will then contact you to discuss the form with you.  Follow up work may include a meeting and/or a request for clarification/further information. Once more information is obtained and the initiative demonstrates it will meet the objectives of the LEADER programme, the Team will then advise you whether or not the proposal should proceed to full application and guide you towards match funding that you might be eligible to apply for.   You will be invited to complete the Application Form.

Applicants submitting an EoI for a cooperation project (more than one Local Action Group area) must submit the EoI to the Local Action Group, listing the other LAG areas that you anticipate the project covering.

Your EOI will be assessed

Your EoI will be assessed for:

- fit with the relevant Local Development Strategy

- suitability for LEADER funding

- level of funding requested

Next Steps

If the LEADER Team do not agree to your proposal proceeding, you will be provided with feedback on why the EoI was rejected alongside suggestions for future submission or alternative potential funding options.

If your EoI is approved to proceed you will be invited to complete the Application Form.

Note: the acceptance of your EoI at this stage is not a guarantee of future funding. The Local Action Group has absolute discretion in the determination of an application for LEADER funding

Making in Application

Making an Application

If your proposal proceeds to application, the LEADER Team will be on hand to work with you to develop your idea and advise you on match funding options. 

Take a look at this flowchart to see the easy steps to making an application.

Next Steps - visit Assessment & Approvals


Upcoming Deadlines  

 The next LEADER funding application deadlines for 2017 :

Draft Application                              

Final Application                                     Funding Panel Decision Date                  
6th November 2017       13th November 2017 11th January 2018
26th February 2018 26th March 2018 10th May 2018
11th June 2018 23rd July 2018 6th September 2018
29th October 2018 26th November 2018 TBC


Support from the LEADER Team

Throughout the process the LEADER Team will support you in submitting your application, therefore, if you have any questions regarding your idea for a project / initiative, how to apply, assistance in completing application forms please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Key Documents

Rural Perth & Kinross LEADER Local Development Strategy 2014-2020

Rural Perth & Kinross LEADER Business Plan 2014-2020






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